Seattle’s Stunning Blue Trees Highlight Global Deforestation Issues

(Image: Graham Syed, Seattle, WA, reproduced with permission)

Amazingly, these pictures of bright blue trees have not been photoshopped. Located in downtown Seattle, and along the Burke-Gilman Trail in Kenmore, the trees have been coloured with a water-based environmentally-friendly blue pigment to draw public attention to deforestation in an eye-catching and unique way.

(Image: Graham Syed, Seattle, WA, reproduced with permission)

The Blue Trees project was conceived by Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos, who, in partnership with several environmentally-focused bodies, transformed the trees at the beginning of April by colouring them a brilliant ultramarine blue. The result is a surreal and stunning sight for visitors and residents, designed to raise awareness of global deforestation and encourage discussion about the 32 million acres of old growth forests the planet loses every year.

(Images: Graham Syed, Seattle, WA, reproduced with permission)

“Through my work I am striving to address global issues and provide a visual platform to effect change,” said Dimopoulos in a press release. “I want to evoke in people the idea that we can all contribute to change in a positive way.”

(Image: Graham Syed, Seattle, WA, reproduced with permission)

The project is based on the use of colour in nature, both as a means to attract and as a mechanism to protect. In this way, the trees will stimulate debate around the effect we all have on our planet, and the ever-growing need to protect our natural resources. Once coloured, the trees will remain blue for six to nine months.

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