Carpet of Grass Makes for Clever Art Installation

(All images by Gaëlle Villedary, reproduced with permission)

This beautiful turf grass carpet, which winds through the French village of Jaujac, has been implemented in the historic commune to celebrate the 10th year of a series of their arts and nature trail programmes. Starting from one side of the village, the green path trails through streets, up and down steps and over bridges before connecting once again with the natural scenery which surrounds the commune.

The literal connection of the village with the forestry and fields on either side has been designed by Marseilles-based artist, Gaëlle Villedary. Normally working with everyday items, such as coffee, lightbulbs and corrugated cardboard, the green path project is her biggest undertaking to date.

“Aside from a few skeptics, the villagers were delighted to discover their village with a new look,” said Villedary. “Most of them walked on it — obviously children, but the adults too. They tread on the carpet, played games on it, sat on it for a little bit to talk about the weather. I even met someone who decided to enjoy it down to the roots; she took off her shoes during the walk. It was a magical moment when the public took possession of the work.”

All images by Gaëlle Villedary – visit her website for more projects and information.

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