The Five Most Unusual Fast Food Restaurants From Around the World

While most fast food chains look the same no matter where you go in the world, there are a few notable exceptions. Here are five unusual examples of fast food restaurants where you can enjoy your burgers and fries in style.

1. Burger King, Buenos Aires

(Image: Forrest Brown (see website), reproduced with permission)

This beautiful Venetian-style building looks more like a church than a burger chain, yet the fast food restaurant has been housed within its elegant walls since the 1990s. The ornate decorations and high, sloping ceilings make this the most sophisticated Burger King in the world.

2. Pizza Hut, Hong Kong

(Image: Oriol Salvador (see website), cc-nc-nd-3.0)

With the look of a five-star hotel, you can enjoy your garlic bread in absolute comfort at this Pizza Hut in Hong Kong. The upmarket decorations were put in place to make the restaurant appeal to tourists, as it’s noticeably different than the average American or European Pizza Hut.

3. KFC, Iceland

(Image: Bill Binns, reproduced with permission)

This KFC in Iceland has an almost art deco-like architectural style, giving it undeniable impact against the horizon. Shaped to look like black boxes with several vertical ribbon windows, the building appears severe and almost looming, yet lets in plenty of light with a sea view for its guests.

4. McDonald’s, Hungary

(Image: Guido Merkelbach, reproduced with permission)

In the beautiful building of Budapest’s former Royal Waiting Hall, McDonald’s have set up their own golden arches with a stunningly-designed restaurant. The restored 19th century structure was originally designed to welcome dignitaries arriving by rail.

5. Starbucks, USA

(Image: Kilometers, reproduced with permission)

In the town of Tukwila, Seattle, Starbucks have opened up an ingenious coffee shop inside some former shipping containers. With about as much floor space as the average Starbucks has behind the counter, the amazing building uses recycled materials to create a unique and eco-friendly cafe.



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