Haddo House: The Eerie Abandoned Mansion of Inverkeithny

(Image: James Dyas Davidson (website), all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

Deep in the forests of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, this abandoned mansion looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in a horror film, with its amazing nineteenth century architecture left to crumble away over time. Little is known about this mysterious house, but it is believed to have stood empty for over 70 years, abandoned soon after World War One.

(Images: James Dyas Davidson (website), all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

Owned by a young couple, the husband went away to fight in the war and never returned. His wife decided to pack up and leave the estate, and the mansion – known as Haddo House – has remained empty ever since.

(Images: 8333696 (website), all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

These eerie photographs show the extent of the property’s decay, yet some of the original fixtures have survived. The ornate ceiling artwork and grand doorways show the prosperity of the household, with an oval walled garden now covered in boulders and rubble. A gatehouse can be found next to the entrance of the property, with the driveway still visible through the trees.

(Image: 8333696 (website), all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

Aside from the damage caused over the years, the shape of the abandoned mansion remains as a mysterious monument to a bygone age – far away from public view, and forgotten by time.


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