A School Bus – Transformed into a Bus Shelter!

(All images by Christopher Fennell, reproduced with permission)

This recycled art installation in Athens, Georgia is at once ironic, humourous and functional – a bus transformed into a bus shelter.  Sculptor Christopher Fennell created the shelter in 2007 out of three retired school buses dating from 1962, ’72 and ’77.  Positioned on the corner of West Broad Street and Alps Road, the installation incorporates seating from a decommissioned Atlanta city bus.

Fennell said: “The materials I use have been cast out by society, for example: demolished barns, broken bicycles and downed trees. I transform these objects into dynamic pieces and connect them into recognizable shapes.  My work is site specific, taking advantage of the surrounding landscape and architecture. I place the sculpture for the maximum effect of discovery and scale.”

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