8 Awesome Links of the Week (Part Three)

(Image: Gaël Chardon, cc-sa-3.0, via Atlas Obscura)

This installment of our weekly link round-up takes us to dank prison cells, dark mines, abandoned asylums and strange urban art installations.  Enjoy!

The Prison Cell of Ludger Sylbaris (Atlas Obscura)

Haunted House?  The Abandoned Mansion of Steve Jobs (WebUrbanist)

Probing the Depths of an Abandoned Russian Ore Mine (Environmental Graffiti)

The Clockwork Forest: Trees that Play Music (WebEcoist)

Art Hotel Room is Half White, Half Graffiti (Dornob)

Prize Winning “Urban Micro-Garden” is a Modular Trellis (Treehugger)

Abandoned Asylum: Manicomio Frigerio (Opacity)

Green Carpet: Grass Trail Winds Through City Streets (WebUrbanist)