Miniature Urbex: The Amazing Work of Lori Nix

(Image: Lori Nix, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

By creating these amazing miniature ‘urbex sets’, Lori Nix has bridged the gap between the unknowable history of abandoned buildings and the human ability to create art from them. Beautiful and unsettling, the pictures of these apocalyptic scenes evoke the same feelings in the viewer as images of real-life abandoned buildings – yet Nix has created each one herself, entirely by hand.

(Images: Lori Nix, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

Working out of her own apartment in Brooklyn, New York, Nix painstakingly crafts each scene using miniature power tools, creating architectural interiors which look amazingly realistic.

(Images: Lori Nix, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

“My strength lies in my ability to build and construct my world, rather than seek out an existing world,” says Nix on her website. “I am fascinated with the idea of the apocalypse and [my series] The City postulates on what it would be like to live in a city that is post man-kind, where mother nature is taking back these spaces.”

(Images: Lori Nix, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

Stunningly designed flora and fauna burst into these ‘abandoned’ scenes, creating the effect of a world which has fallen into disarray. Yet the viewer can feel the life behind every one of these pictures – a truly new look at the idea of past places.

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  • Valorien_quinn

    These are BEAUTIFUL artwork pieces!  (Now I REALLY want to play Fallout-3!)

  • Epargc607



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