Jonathon Denson’s Guide to Historic (and Abandoned) Pittsburgh

(Image: Luca, cc-3.0)

Urban Ghosts is fascinated by historic abandoned buildings, from derelict mansions and crumbling theatres to forgotten swimming pools and creepy abandoned insane asylums.  But we also love to see defunct structures repurposed, be it adaptive reuse or general restoration.  So we were excited to stumble across Jonathon Denson‘s excellent website, which documents “endangered and abandoned historic buildings in Pittsburgh and beyond”.

(Images: (left, right) Luca, cc-3.0)

This isn’t just a list of Pittsburgh’s lost architecture – although the famous steel city’s abandonments are documented extensively.  It also directs readers to a demolition list and offers an impressive visual case study of the city’s “urban prairie“.

(Image: Robert Lawton, cc-sa-3.0)

But the most inspirational section advises interested parties – those that recognise the faded elegance and historical value of Pittsburgh’s grand buildings – how to purchase an abandoned house.  This is backed up by a page outlining the restoration of Denson’s own 1907 row house, which he purchased in 2009 and has slowly but surely brought back to life.

(These photographs do not reflect Jonathon Denson’s website and are used for illustration purposes.)

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