Rosey Prince: The ‘Landmarks’ of Urban Terrain

(Image: Rosey Prince, reproduced with permission)

Rosey Prince’s fascination with the idea of landmarks is shown in her striking pictures of urban scenes. The shadowy petrol stations and looming tower blocks may not be universally significant, but they still hold their own truth as landmarks we know and recognise every day.

(Image: Rosey Prince, reproduced with permission)

“Landmarks, by their nature, are deeply subjective,” says Prince. “These [scenes] are not the state of the art buildings or tourist attractions of city centres but rather the anonymous and yet familiar constructions we find in conurbations everywhere.”

(Image: Rosey Prince, reproduced with permission)

In urban areas where there is an absence of traditional landmarks, such as churches or castles, Prince’s own ‘landmarks’ mark the edge of our vision in our day to day lives. They’re how we find our bearings and recognise our terrain.

(Image: Rosey Prince, reproduced with permission)

“People often recognise the tower blocks and petrol stations [in my work] and ask me where they are, as if they are hoping it’s the petrol station they use or know,” says Prince. “I think it’s interesting that this suggests people are forming an emotional attachment to a petrol station… We have a need to ‘own’ our environment, to make it ours.”

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