Mike Doyle’s Abandoned Victorian Houses – Built Entirely from Lego

(Image: Mike Doyle, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

Urban Ghosts has featured examples of abandoned buildings boasting urban art and architectural installations, from the Tunnel House and Quilted Gas Station to gritty murals and even miniature abandoned cities within real deserted spaces. Mike Doyle’s striking sculptures – abandoned Victorian houses constructed entirely from Lego – are a unique addition to this increasingly popular theme.

(Image: Mike Doyle, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

Mike’s houses underscore the theme of man versus nature and visualise in miniature the fact that empty structures – at least without significant upkeep – are no match for the elements. But there’s a deeper meaning also – one of “broken trust and faith”, highlighting the fragility of seemingly strong foundations, physical, ideological or otherwise.

(Image: Mike Doyle, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

“For me, this piece speaks to the inherent unpredictability of those things which we call our foundation”, said Mike. “This charming home, lovingly embellished with ornamental fancy was no match for nature. The fancy embellishments serve as a reminder of our earlier focus on the material world, while the aftermath removes us from that focus. The piece offers no answers or necessarily any hope, but rather points to life’s fragility.”

(Image: Mike Doyle, all rights reserved, reproduced with permission)

On a physical level, these beautiful yet decrepit structures remind of Detroit’s abandoned neighbourhoods, where lone buildings awaiting demolition appear somewhat incongruous amid otherwise barren surroundings. Mike Doyle’s work has also been featured on popular websites such as Twisted Sifter, The Source, the Brick Blogger and the Huffington Post.  Visit his website and Flickr account to learn more.