7 Colourful Cities From Around the World

(Image: Marcin Bialek, cc-sa-3.0)

Many cities use colour to great effect in their architecture, but not many go to such an extent as these! Using all the colours of the rainbow, these seven cities from around the world are a bright and welcoming sight for travellers and residents alike.

Marrakesh, Morocco

(Images: Martin Varsavsky, cc-3.0; Solea20, cc-nc-sa-3.0Michal Osmenda, cc-sa-3.0)

Known as the Ochre, Red or Rose City, Marrakesh is home to many beautiful pieces of architecture, with its walls, alleys and palaces all painted in stunning rustic colours. Based at the bottom of the spectacular Atlas Mountains, Marrakesh’s exotic sights, sounds, and smells have enchanted tourists for decades, with millions flocking to visit every year.

Amer, India

(Images: Saad.Achtar, cc-nc-nd-3.0 & cc-sa-3.0)

Also known as “amber” for its bright, golden buildings, Amer was a city of its own right in ancient Rajasthan before becoming part of the Jaipur Municipal Corporation. The structure which now stands as the Amber Fort was originally a palace built by the great conqueror Raja Man Singh I. Inside, the beautifully painted buildings glow with light: a spectacular sight from every angle.

Izamal, Mexico

(Image: Brian Snelson, cc-3.0)

Nicknamed “The Yellow City”, visitors won’t be able to help noticing the expanse of colour on almost every building! Izamal is located right in the middle of the Yucatan peninsula and is home to an array of beautiful buildings. Almost all of the structures were painted an egg-yolk yellow after Pope Jean Paul II visited the city in 1993, and the impact of this amazing city is undeniable as a result.

Seattle, USA

(Images: leezbtv, cc-3.0; Wonderlane, cc-3.0)

Surrounded by lush, green forests, it’s no surprise how Seattle came to be known as The Emerald City. As well as its acres of parkland and green spaces, Seattle is currently among the leading cities when it comes to action against climate change in the US. By conserving their urban forestry, providing education to schools and workplaces, and committing to sustainable redevelopment, they’ve established themselves as a truly green city in more ways than one.

Jodhpur, India

(Images: The Dilly Lama, cc-3.0; C+H, cc-sa-3.0)

The second largest city in Rajasthan, Jodhpur is known as the “Blue City” for its array of spectacular blue painted houses which sit around the Mehrangarh Fort. According to ancient regulations, blue was the colour which signified the Bhraman or Priest Class, however non-Brahmins soon followed suit with their own properties. Now, the landscape of Jodhpur is resplendent in indigo: a spectacular sight from the top of the nearby hills.

Jaipur, India

(Images: xiquinhosilva, cc-sa-3.0; Russ Bowling, cc-3.0)

Known as “The Pink City”, the beautiful ancient city of Jaipur is a very famous site for tourists with a whole host of forts and monuments to visit. Rose pink houses with lattice windows line the streets, providing an almost enchanting view, which is especially magical at sunset. Surrounded on all sides by rugged hills and ancient embattled walls, Jaipur’s stunning architecture fully reflects its glorious history.

White City, Tel Aviv, Israel

(Images: Or Hiltch, cc-3.0; Paul-Simpson.org (Flickr, cc-3.0); Avishai Teicher, cc-3.0)

Not technically a city in its own right, Tel Aviv’s White City refers to a collection of Bauhaus buildings designed by German Jewish settlers who immigrated to the city after the rise of the Nazis. The amazing art deco buildings, have now been named a World Cultural Heritage site by UNESCO. Designed in stunning white to reflect the heat, the buildings represent the largest collection of art deco architecture in the world.



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