Secret A-12 Avenger II Stealth Aircraft Canopy Appears on eBay

(Image: Seth Kettleman, reproduced with permission)

Those interested in top secret aircraft will know of the A-12 Avenger II, which was cancelled in 1991 and remains at the centre of ongoing litigation to this day.  The stealth attack aircraft, developed by General Dynamics and McDonnell Douglas, was terminated allegedly before the first airframe had been assembled.  But the latest twist in this still-shadowy tale comes in the form of an A-12 canopy appearing on eBay – and it looks like the real thing.

(Images: Seth Kettleman, reproduced with permission)

Seth Kettleman, who owns the canopy, purchased it through for $2,300.  GovDeals told The DEW Line that the part had been listed by the aviation department of Purdue University in Indiana, where it had reportedly been stored for more than 15 years.  Interestingly, no-one seems to know exactly how it got there.

(Image: Seth Kettleman, reproduced with permission)

While a wooden mock-up of the A-12 Avenger II sits forlornly in a corner of Carswell Air Force Base, Fort Worth (viewable on Google Earth), Kettleman said his canopy was authentic and had been verified by several independent and highly respected sources.  It also retains the original manufacturing data and serial numbers from McAir, its manufacturer.

(Image: (artist’s impression) US Navy, public domain)

Purdue University reportedly considered selling the canopy for $700 scrap value prior to placing it on GovDeals.  It is currently listed on eBay for $620,238.  Several A-12s were reportedly on the production line when the programme was cancelled, but their fate has remained a mystery.  The eBay canopy is a tantalising clue that their parts may still exist, and shows that at least one component of the still classified A-12 is in private hands.

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