Quilted Gas Station Project Highlights Concern Over Global Oil Dependence

(Annabel Hine, reproduced with permission)

The Quilted Gas Station in New York is part of the World Reclamation Art Project (WRAP), designed to promote sustainable living through recycled art. The stunning collaborative project is made up of over 3,000 fibre panels created by thousands of people from all over the world.

(Annabel Hine, reproduced with permission)

The panels were joined together to cover a disused gas station in Syracuse, New York, which had been abandoned for over 50 years. The resulting artwork is a multitude of different fabrics and colours, creating a beautiful visual statement from the derelict building.

(Annabel Hine, reproduced with permission)

Launched by visual artist Jennifer Marsh in 2006, the Quilted Gas Station Project began as an initiative to create a piece of urban art that made a statement about the world’s dependency on oil.  “It’s important that we take the necessary steps to reduce and reverse the damage we’ve done to the environment”, said Marsh. “Through the WRAP, we can help to beautify our community and artistically express the need for change.”

Learn more about the Gas Station Project here.  Images courtesy of Annabel Hine.




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