Green Demolition: Building Deconstruction With an Emphasis on Recycling

(Image: ReUse photos, cc-nc-sa-3.0)

Demolition – of ugly buildings, not nice ones – can be fun to watch. But it’s not necessarily good for the environment due to hazardous materials and significant amounts of waste generated. If, however, you want comprehensive deconstruction with the promise that all usable materials will be saved, call Buffalo ReUse, New York’s only fully licensed, bonded and insured “Green Demolition & Salvage Company”.

(Images: ReUse photos, cc-nc-sa-3.0)

On its website, the organization, which specialises in the removal of residential structures, barns and garages, says people are surprised by how much material can be saved from abandoned buildings: “On our first house, we salvaged over six tons of reusable lumber, as well as doors, windows, foundation stone, bricks, and fixtures. Many materials which can’t be reused can often be recycled, such as metals, clean waste wood, and concrete.”

(Image: ReUse photos, cc-nc-sa-3.0)

Buffalo ReUse’s aim on most projects is simply to cover its costs. Salvaged materials are considered a donation to the organization, which will offer a tax deducation letter for the value of donated items. Buffalo ReUse can also help Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) projects obtain credits for deconstruction, recycling and reuse.  Learn more, and read about a similar project here.



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