Wreck of Harrier GR3 XZ988 Near Goose Green, Falkland Islands

(Image: Douglas Fernandes, reproduced with permission)

There may not be much left, but its distinctive tail section and grey-green camouflage scheme identify this downed British aircraft as an RAF Harrier GR3.  The wreckage is actually the mortal remains of Harrier XZ988 of No. 1 Squadron, which was shot down on May 27, 1982 during an attack on Goose Green, and crashed nearby on the Lafonia peninsula of East Falkland.

(Image: Douglas Fernandes, reproduced with permission)

Squadron Leader Bob Iveson ejected safely and spent three days in hiding before he was picked up by friendly forces.  The jet was one of several Harriers transported to the Falkland Islands aboard the ill-fated container ship Atlantic Conveyor.  In all, four Harrier GR3s and six Sea Harriers were lost to ground fire, mechanical failure or accidents during the Falklands War.  Another jet, serial number XW919, was hit and made it back to HMS Hermes while on fire, never to fly again.  It is now on display in Krakow, Poland.

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  • Ramón Garcés

    Hi, I wanted comentares to you, and pr the intermediary of the Pilot Bob Iveson, which in plane I’ve drribado I, a simple soldier of the Antiaircraft Artillery Argentina Air Force which operated the No. 1 gun Rheinmetall 20mmDarwin-Goose Green.I am very happy to have been ejected and save his life. I’m sure someday we will meet personally.After 30 years of the Falklands War, I think it is time that we were soldiers and victims of civil-military dictatorship in Argentina, begin to tell the truth about what happened. So far only wrote both military and lied saying that they did everything, it would appear that we had won the war.I appreciate the opportunity to let me briefly tell the true story of the downing of the plane of Bob Iveson, who will send a big greeting.Sincerely.Garcés RamónBuenos Aires – Argentinagarces@arnet.com.ar


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