Wrecked F-4 Phantom Fighter, Hanoi

(Image: DANYSTYLE, reproduced with permission)

This wrecked McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom was shot down on May 14, 1967 during the Vietnam War, and now occupies pride of place – along with other American wreckage – outside the People’s Air Force Museum in Hanoi.  Also featured on our sibling site Storm Climb, the mangled jet, build number 153001, was hit by a Russian-built surface to air missile (SAM). And while you wouldn’t exactly call it intact, the robust Phantom is still recognisable despite the force of the blast it clearly sustained.



  • Cool pic – looks like the stars and bars have been repainted at some stage just so remember that it is American!

  • George

    Agree with the repaint Tom.  Looks like she was Navy.  Would love to have seen the tail markings or sidemarkings with carrier name.  I was on USS America in 72-73 and we lost a couple F4’s over Hanoi.

  • dragon

    F4B   VF111″Aardvarks” Number 153001  USS Kitty Hawk  shot down May 14, 1967

  • dragon

    F4B   VF111″Aardvarks” Number 153001  USS Kitty Hawk  shot down May 14, 1967

  • Slammer

    That’s a F-105 canopy frame that is on top of the cockpit and it’s facing aft.

  • Hefailed

    Anybody here serve as a Navy aviator in July 1972, Vietnam flying F4 Phantoms? Got a question…


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