Ozlem: a Surprisingly Colourful Shipwreck

(Image: Richard Bartz, cc-sa-2.5)

Shipwrecks, along with abandoned boats and ship graveyards have a mysterious quality that is hard to pin down.  Whether it’s the thousands of miles they’ve travelled, the individuals and cargo they’ve transported, or simply the romantic notion of wandering the world’s oceans, large ships that have fallen on hard times have a haunting appeal that goes beyond the environmentally-unfriendly eyesores they may arguably be considered.  The two tone colours of Ozlem (above), wrecked along the Black Sea coast north of Batumi, sees orange-brown rust contrast with the deep blue hull, creating a surprisingly appealing scene, if just in the photograph.

(Image: Wollexcc-sa-3.0)

Another spectacular and colourful shipwreck, which has since collapsed into the ocean, was the SS America (above).  Thought by some to be the most beautiful liner to ever fly the American flag, it ran aground and sank off Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands in 1994.  Read more about it in this article about abandoned mega machines, and don’t miss the wreck of the cruise ship World Discoverer in the Solomon Islands.