Abandoned House in Monterey County, California

(Image: Matthew High, cc-nc-2.0)

This attractive yet austere abandoned house, complete with Gothic styling, stands on the edge of a farm near Mission Soledad in Monterey County, California.  According to photographer Matthew High, who captured these images in December 2007, the house was awaiting reconstruction, possibly in a different location.

(Image: Matthew High, cc-nc-2.0)

The solid foundations beneath the wood-framed building are evident in this photo, with steps leading down to an ample sized basement.  Whether the house has indeed been rebuilt or remains abandoned is unknown.  But its clear dereliction just a year before the economic crisis perhaps does not bode well.  Even in abandonment, however, it’s an appealing and slightly mysterious structure, and may one day be reoccupied.



  • Helen

    wow why would you leave such an amazing house?? I would love to move it to England and have the money to fix it up its so cool.

  • desikitteh

    Hope this beauty is restored.

  • desikitteh

    Hope this beauty is restored.

  • Joee

    I think it would be nicer in say North Carolina not too far from the mountains there


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