Top 10 Links of the Week – Part 4 (Enjoy!)

(Image: Patrick Clenet, cc-sa-3.0)

Welcome to the forth installments of Urban Ghosts’ weekly link round-up, showcasing the most fascinating articles from our friends and partners around the web.  Of course, if you know of great content you think would be of interest to our readers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  In the meantime, enjoy!

The Gray Ghost: B-17 Flying Fortress Wreck, Papua New Guinea (Storm Climb)

Abandoned Places: 10 Creepy, Beautiful Modern Ruins (The Coolist)

Liquid Water on Mars? (Daily Grail)

Holy Rats!  The Temple of Karni Mata (Environmental Graffiti)

“Tsunami in the Sky” Storm Cloud (Dark Roasted Blend)

New Cologne Lets You Smell Like General Patton (Neatorama)

10 Incredible City Cliffs Around the World (Touropia)

The House of Blood (Mental Floss)

Andrew Brooks Landscape Photography (The Coolist)

10 Most Beautiful Swamps on Earth (Environmental Graffiti)



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