Top Secret Technology Demonstrator Aircraft That Are Now Declassified

(Image: U.S. Federal Government via Dreamland Resort )

Known as technology demonstrators, these pioneering stealth aircraft remained top secret for years after their final flights before being declassified.  Categorised as black projects and operating from the secret Groom Lake test site in Nevada, popularly known as Area 51, the three groundbreaking designs below tested low observable technologies and proved that stealth aircraft could operate deep behind enemy lines with a high degree of survivability.  Together, they helped return the element of surprise to air warfare.

Lockheed Have Blue

(Image: U.S. Federal Government via Lockheed, public domain)

From 1977 to 1979, the revolutionary Lockheed Have Blue tested a new form of low observable technology known as faceting.  Rather than smooth aerodynamic lines, Have Blue adopted an angular, faceted shape to deflect electromagnetic waves and lower its radar signature.  Aided by a fly-by-wire control system to rectify its aerodynamic instability, Have Blue paved the way for an aircraft that changed the face of modern warfare – the F-117A Nighthawk, known as the Stealth Fighter.

(Image: left & right by U.S. Federal Government, public domain)

Despite the exotic technologies they seek to perfect, technology demonstrators are often relatively cheap to manufacture.  Built by Lockheed’s shadowy Skunk Works, Have Blue utilised off-the-shelf components including an adapted F-16 fly-by-wire system.  Two demonstrators were built, XST-1 and XST-2, both of which crashed during development with their pilot’s ejecting.  Even so, the programme was considered a resounding success.

(Image: U.S. Federal Government via Lockheed, public domain)

As is often the case with top secret technology demonstrators, the wreckage of the two Have Blue aircraft was buried within the Nellis Test Range.  One was reportedly buried at the Groom Lake site just south of the hangar complex.  Lockheed engineers have since searched for the buried Have Blue with a view to restoring it for display purposes, but despite their best efforts have been unable to locate the wrecked aircraft.



  • billions of dollars.. and finally we’re able to learn what it was spent on.

    the tech is amazing, don’t get me wrong.. but is this really the best way to spend in a deficit?

  • Jester of the Apocalypse

    Yes! We are 20 years ahead of everyone in warplane technology . . . by the time anyone else has this stuff, we’ll have moved on to flying saucers and lasers! The Chinese would give a collective 1 billion left-nuts to have one of these planes!

  • Fish

    Yeah, those damn commies don’t have their own programmes!

  • code red

    thats not what the money was spent, on that will not see the light of day for 200 years

  • Caddy Jim

    Yea if we can get companies to think Country over Just Profits, then it wouldn’t be so easy for them to copy our shit…

  • Caddy Jim

    We had a surplus in 2000, the Dept came from 2 wars, the Over Use of Contractors & a massive tax cut specially for the Rich. First time in History Taxes didn’t go up in a time of war…

  • Benjamin Eugene NElson

    And how do you propose that? Seriously. You think they’re just going to do it for kicks? Especially since they’re used to the money?

  • Tom

    That’s likely true, yes. And many more like them!


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