Creative Conversions: Shed of the Year 2011 Awards


If you thought garden sheds were for storing the lawn mower and patio furniture, you’d clearly not banked on the Shed of the Year Awards.  Entries are flooding in for Shed of the Year 2011, which you can view at   With remarkable variety, reflecting the inherent eccentricity of the British people and underscoring the garden shed’s coveted place in UK suburban life, sheds come in all shapes, entries and functions depending on the needs and creativity of their owners.


Converted sheds range from garden offices and eco sheds to tardis sheds and even back garden pubs.  With a shedload of pubs closing their doors all across Britain, it’s refreshing to see suburban ale afficionados fighting back with their own hoppy monuments to this collapsing cultural icon – and adding a welcome addition to Britain’s emerging micropub movement.

(Image: The Telegraph)

While 2011 entrants will find it tough to top the Shed of the Year 2010 winner – a pirate’s cabin built to look like the poop deck of a pirate ship, complete with fully stocked koi carp pond and aviary – this American-style diner (Pop’s Diner) looks like a strong contender.  You can see recently added sheds, browse by category, or even submit your own creative conversion here.  For more information about sheds in general, don’t miss the definitive blog dedicated exclusively to the garden shed.



  • Wow..
    This is absolutely amazing work. Exceptional craft work I must say.These surely are the finest sheds I have ever seen.

  • very nice house, very good job … it’s give you a nice feeling just looking on those photos

  • This is very
    beautiful post. Ever man has dream, his home is one of the best home like your’s. Thanks for this.

  • Lovely sheds here. 🙂 Would love to have one of these in my backyard. 🙂 I especially love the one with the glass-encased view of the gardens, the first picture, the home office, and the backyard pub. 🙂 Great list! 🙂


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