10 Abandoned Buildings & Places Infiltrated by Urban Explorers

Urban exploration, also known as urbex, building infiltration and urban spelunking, is a movement that flies under the radar in a bid to investigate and photograph abandoned buildings and places, which often comprise the modern ruins of our recent industrial, military and civic past.  You can get to grips with the basic ideas in our brief introduction to urban exploration, while this article delves into ten of the most atmospheric, coveted, eerie and visually stunning types of abandoned place that urban explorers regularly infiltrate.

Abandoned Hospitals, Asylums and Sanatoriums

(Images: howzey, cc-nc-nd-3.0)

Abandoned hospitals, asylums and sanatoriums are some of the most popular haunts of urban explorers due to their large scale, endless corridors and plethora of buildings.  But there’s a more sinister force that draws the daring from the relative safety of the world outside.  Officially places of treatment, asylums and sanatoriums in particular were characterised more by hopelessness and despair, with an eerie atmosphere that lingers long after the last patients left.  Above is the North Wales Hospital (Denbigh Asylum), complete with mortuary and autopsy table, which opened in 1848 and has been abandoned since 1995.



  • Thetimechamber

    A small site dedicated to UE in the UK


  • ~ Sweet!

  • disqus_mHQ57YzJY1

    That power station is in South Fremantle, Western Australia and I think has been herítage listed or similar.

  • Tom

    That’s correct, the Fremantle power station is one of those shown! I didn’t know it had been earmarked as a heritage building. That’s great to hear.

  • Tom

    What a pity and thanks for the update.


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