Pencil Me In: Gravity-Defying Pencil Art by Bob Van Breda

(All images by Steven Damron, cc-3.0)

San Francisco artist Bob Van Breda is known for his linear works using only pencils to create gravity-defying sculptures.  Electric Works San Francisco reports how Van Breda’s pencil art represents a passing epoch (though not to the same post-apocalytic extremes as Christophe Dessaigne’s work), as traditional pencils and paper have given way to laptop computers, iPads and smart phones.

Adopting the theoretical moment of inertia as his point of departure, Van Breda considers motion, direction and volume as he crafts his sculptures, with no limitations on the length or colour of the pencils used.  He began by looking for old pencils and exploring the different ways that they could be assembled.

“I soon ran out of old pencils and decided to buy new pencils from an art store and see what I could do,” said Van Breda.  “In the beginning, shape was all I cared about.  The new art pencils allowed me to control the colour as well.  While I continued to develop the shape first, working with colour was like adding colour brush strokes on a three dimensional canvas.”

Van Breda has created more than 200 pencil sculptures to date, and dreams about crafting a “supersized” version of his work as a piece of public art.  So if you find yourself walking beneath an arrangement of giant pencils, you know where they came from!  Bob Van Breda is set to present Pencil Me In at Electric Works from May 14 – June 17.  (Images by Steven Damron.)

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