Wrecked Bomber Aircraft in Papua New Guinea

(Image: Taro Taylor, cc-3.0)

The jungles of Papua New Guinea in Oceania, which fell under the South West Pacific theatre during World War Two, are the final resting place of countless wartime aircraft remains from both the United States and Imperial Japanese air forces.  This wrecked bomber is not as complete as other Pacific aircraft wrecks, notably the Swamp Ghost, but nevertheless displays a relatively intact forward fuselage and port wing.  The engine housing is now home to plant life and other scattered wreckage can be seen nearby.  Despite its poor condition, it’s incredible to think that historic wrecks of this nature are still evident today, and that those roaming the rainforests might just stumble across one.



  • Tod Galvin

    the picture shown is not a B17 the cockpit is not B17

  • Vikingberserker

    That’s an A-20

  • Tom

    Thanks Tod, issue corrected!

  • Tom

    Thanks for the heads-up, Vikingberserker!

  • Mjones2nd

    Looks like the cockpit of a Japanese Betty