Google Doodles Says Happy Thanksgiving!

Google Doodles has come up with the goods again in its latest artistic installment commemorating Thanksgiving 2010.  As we saw recently with a full Scooby Doo saga told in pictures, Google isn’t simply providing a pretty picture in place of its traditional logo.  It’s a series of images.  All you need to do is let your cursor hover over each dish!

As a prelude to this year’s celebration, Google has created a mouth-watering menu including roast turkey, sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts, topped off with pumpkin banana tart.  The doodle was created by Ina Garten, and you can browse the recipe for each dish by simply clicking on the thumbnail.  So why wait?  If you’re pulling together a last minute meal, here is everything you need to make it happen.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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