Pictures Speak Louder than Words: 5-Part Google Doodle Commemorates Halloween

In true Google style, the internet giant has commemorated Halloween with not just one spooky Google Doodle, but five of them.  And who better to track down marauding ghosts than Mystery Inc., along with the cartoon’s eponymous scaredy cat hero Scooby Doo.

In the first doodle, Halloween trick or treaters flee from the “real” spooks as the Mystery Machine swings into the background.  A child watching from a nearby doorway sees everything and assists the ghost hunters in the next doodle.  Meanwhile, Fred, Daphne and Velma look for clues while Shaggy and Scooby get themselves in trouble, doubtless saving the day by accident before “those pesky kids” reveal the faces behind the masks.  But who needs words, when this clever little series more than speaks for itself!  (Images by Google.)

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