Dadipark, Belgium

(Credit: P.J.L. Laurens (Forgotten Beauty). Licensing CC-SA-3.0)

Dadipark, opened in 1950, must be fairly unique in the abandoned amusement park realm because it operated under the control of priest Gaston Deweer.  Located in the centre of Dadizele, an important tourist destination and place of pilgrimage in Belgium, Dadipark evolved from children’s playground to modern amusement park.

(Credit: P.J.L. Laurens (Forgotten Beauty). Licensing CC-SA-3.0)

The founders sought to provide an accessible and affordable park, skirted by the longest wooden suspension bridge in Europe.  But safety concerns following a string of accidents reached a horrifying climax when a boy reportedly lost his arm while riding the once-popular “Nautic Jet”.  In 2002, Dadipark was forced to close for renovation, but never reopened.

(Credit: P.J.L. Laurens (Forgotten Beauty). Licensing CC-SA-3.0)

The park and its rides now lie silent and seemingly forgotten, completely overgrown as attempts to breathe new life into the ailing attraction have stalled.  As of 2010, Dadipark seems increasingly unlikely to reopen, now little more than a collection of rusty rides amid ever encroaching greenery.  Check out more fantastic photos at Forgotten Beauty.

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  • Elmar Phasen

    Dear Tom,

    I’m Elmar Phasen and the After-Sales Manager from the Company „Heege Freizeittechnik“.

    We are the manufacturer of the „Nautic Jet“ amusement ride and we have never heard of such an accident as mentioned in your report above “Dadipark, Belgium”. This accident originally has been nowhere else registered. On Wikipedia and on several other websites/forums it has been already corrected.

    So we as the manufacturer see this wrong publication as an „injuriy to reputation“ of our company. Please remove/correct right away the totally wrong publication as
    written in your Album “Dadi Park”.

    We hope for your understanding and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any informations and clarifications.

    Best regards
    Elmar Phasen


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