7 Creepy Hotels to Ensure a Happy Haunted Halloween

Fancy spending Halloween night in a haunted hotel?  If so, here are seven to thrill and frighten.  And with such classy establishments, who can blame the spirits for returning to their “old haunts” and refusing to move on?  With so many haunted places out there, and so many articles claiming to feature “the most haunted“, we’ve adapted this tried-and-tested list (compiled by Forbes in 2002) to ensure maximum results this All Hallows Eve.  Want more?  Check out last year’s feature on Three of America’s Most Haunted Places.

Castle Stuart, Scotland

(Image by Dave Conner; licensed under CC-2.0)

This traditional seventeenth century castle near Inverness is supposedly haunted by four ghosts. Spooky happenings have been reported for centuries, and the Stuart family maintains the east tower is the most haunted area. Carpenters have fallen off ladders, furniture has been overturned and bloodcurdling yells have been heard in the night. Of course, Castle Stuart is on the Whisky Trail, which could also account for the strong spirits.

Bran Castle, Romania

(Images by Horia Varlan, Cristian Bortes and jtriefen; licensed under CC-2.0)

Modern marketing in the post-communist era would have you believe Dracula, aka Vlad the Impaler, lived in every castle in Romania. And this bloodthirsty pursuit of tourism branded Bran Castle in Transylvania as the infamous Count’s real residence. His actual home lies in ruins, although he did spend several days at haunted Bran Castle. Guests on the annual Dracula Tour visit Bran Castle before spending the night at a castle in Borgo Pass. No points for guessing what that one’s called…


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