Abandoned in LA: Creepy Linda Vista Hospital

Image by Ransom Riggs

Urban Ghosts has published two previous articles covering derelict lunatic asylums and other abandoned hospitals, as well as a full length feature on Riverview Mental Hospital in Canada.  One we haven’t mentioned yet is the equally fascinating and extremely creepy Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles, which opened in 1905 as the Santa Fe Coast Lines Hospital to care for injured railroad workers.  It operated until 1991.

Image by Los Angeles

(Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported)

In 2008, filmmaker Ransom Riggs stumbled across the abandoned hospital while scouting locations.  But upon obtaining permission to venture inside, it quickly became apparent that Linda Vista Community Hospital was in no state to serve as a film set, despite apparently doing so since 1991.

Like many urbex hotspots, Linda Vista has fallen victim to almost two decades of urban decay.  Nature has fought back with a vengeance, vandals have added their touches and environmental hazards no-doubt abound.  Nevertheless, Riggs was able to capture the spooky wards and rotting furniture in these atmospheric and evocative images:

Images by Ransom Riggs

Amid the endless maze of corridors are brightly coloured – albeit faded – rooms that look out of place in this sombre environment, while tell-tale signs of the film industry are evident in creative graffiti from past horror movies.  Most eerie of all is a dimly lit downstairs room (below) containing the death records of former patients.

As Riggs points out, it’s incredible that thousands of personal files continue to collect dust long after the building was deserted.  Not surprisingly, Linda Vista has become a hotspot for the paranormal community as well as urban explorers.

Image by Ransom Rigg

Ransom Riggs is an LA-based filmmaker, photographer and blogger.  Check out his website here.  You can find his full article about Linda Vista Hospital on Mental Floss, as well as this previous exploration.

Got a thirst for more creepy Los Angeles abandonments?  Check out some of the city’s lost theatres and movie palaces in this article.

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  • Soendoro Soetanto

    What a pity. It looks good on its exterior.

    Soendoro Soetanto

  • Surely it can’t be legal, leaving all those personal records there like that?

  • Shannon41

    i love ghostes sooooo much that i wish my house and ry room was haunted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(:

  • germain

    i notice a ghostly figure in one of the photos

  • Mhill2012

    Gettin ready to film my portfolio there. Went there on the first location scout and I was blown away… It took my mind a full day or so to download everything I had seen. Im specifically going back in a couple days to find the room with the death records in it because I missed that last time… Even though it’ll be a blow to my pocket to film here it’s totally worth it… Oh and I have to film at night so that should be fun!

  • Kailee

    omg linda vista hospital was already filmed by ghost adventures crew check it out on friday n on saturday at 8 9 10 o`clock in travel channel

  • Kailee

    plz ppl watch ghost adventures itz guna be hot plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz im beggin u n i want to see ur ghostly picz at google.com/ghost-adventures 

  • For those that are tempted to go in at night.. Don’t EVEN try to go in there. Security is balls to the wall and if caught, you’ll most likely be arrested, prosecuted for trespassing and made an example out of. 

  • Tom

    Good advice, thanks Lance.  To our readers: definitely always seek permission before exploring.

  • Tom

    Please share?!

  • Tom

    Good luck with the film and send us a link once it’s finished!

  • Tom

    It does seem rather strange, that’s for sure.  It’s incredible what urban explorers discover – stuff of historic value, and stuff the state probably needs to file or dispose of properly too!

  • Tom

    I agree that ghosts are fascinating, but I’m not sure I’d want one in my house (especially if The Woman in Black, which I saw in February, is anything to go by!!).

  • Tom


  • Debra

    May sound morbid but there are no pics of the morgue from what I can tell.

  • RAE


  • Yeah that’d be creepy.

  • yuvi

    This production filmed last night along with two others at LVCH. It was intense being there, especially in the records room. So surreal to see all those documents some dating back to the 1930s… But it was a fun experience! Sticks!

  • Ana Zarco

    what is going to happen to all the old equipments & the patients medical records after this becomes a senior apartment? Will this facility be cleansed off all evil?vWill the poor lost souls find their way to the light? this place has so much history & I believe they should leave this place as a historic building. Built a senior apt. somewhere else. would the seniors feel comfortable staying at such an establishments with all that history?


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