Don’t Try this at Home: Crane Climbing Craziness in Paris

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Crane climbing must be one of the most extreme hobbies out there, with a similar danger factor as dinner for two with Hannibal Lecter. Add some “crane pull-ups” to the mix, and what looks more like the domain of James Bond rather than three unassuming guys from Paris becomes almost as hazardous as bungee jumping without the bungee. We just pray they’ll never need one…

While Urban Ghosts Media cannot and does not endorse such extra curricular craziness, we can report on it. It all began with a Youtube video (below) which has so far amassed almost 254,000 views, featuring three young men identified as Philou, Yoyo and Jibouille.

The action takes place on top of a crane used in the construction of the Axa Tower, Paris’ tallest skyscraper at 790 feet.  I cringed all the way through this video, a reaction clearly shared by Daniel Murphy from Esquire, who writes: “I’m having trouble typing because my palms are so sweaty… Seriously, my fingers are slipping on the keyboard.”

Along with a collection of five other videos, Murphy examines whether the footage is real or fake. He concludes: “REAL. No proof of green-screen usage can be found. These guys are just that insane.” But Murphy notes that one of the trio – Jibouille – sports a backpack which could be a base-jumpers parachute. Yoyo, on the other hand, is decked out in shirt and sports jacket – hardly the attire of the average extreme thrill-seeker.

The action begins with the three climbers standing casually on the arm of the crane almost a thousand feet above Paris. In the incredible finale, Philou and Jibouille take it in turns to swing beneath the massive crane and, with the busy streets of Paris below them, complete an impressive pull-up routine that will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

After a hair raising few minutes, it’s all over. Thankfully the viewer never discovers whether that backpack really is a parachute, and the intense scenes that unfold almost mask a synthed-up, Francofied rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy. We’ll leave you with the video, produced by Jean-Luc, but can we also take this opportunity to say don’t, under any circumstances, try this at home.

(Other than where credited, all images are screenshots taken from the Youtube video above).

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