24 Fantastic Urban and Landscape Photographs in HDR

Image by wili_hybrid

Image by wili_hybrid

Fans of the great outdoors love getting out and about around nature, but the ubiquitous storm clouds swirling around mountain tops can be off-putting to the less hardcore hiker.  Here are some fantastic outdoor scenes photographed in HDR which, as you can see in the article, spices up the urban landscape too.

Landscape in HDR

Images by wili_hybrid

Putting it very unscientifically, HDR (or high dynamic range imaging) allows a photographer to produce dynamic images that are virtually impossible with a single aperture and shutter speed, allowing a greater range of luminances between lightest and darkest areas.  That said, the images above of Norway, close to the shores of the Arctic Sea, speak for themselves.  Check out wili_hybrid’s HDR set here.

Images by g.naharro

Scotland is a stunning and  – despite appearances – surprisingly accessible holiday destination.  But it’s definitely not famous for its cooperative weather!  Geared more towards walking holidays and those who enjoy something a bit more bleak without having to venture too far from civilisation, the images above of the Isle of Skye, Eilean Donan Castle and Glencoe are – with a bit of help from HDR – a perfect marketing tool.  More great pics here.

Urban in HDR

Images by wili_hybrid

It’s not just the wild north country that can look bleak in photos.  The stone and concrete jungles of urban life can look pretty uninviting too if the scene isn’t quite right.  But once again, HDR adds a splash of warmth to the urban setting.  The top three images depict Boston, Massachusetts.  The bottom left is Kuala Lumpur while a tram rattled through the narrow and historic streets of Lisbon (all of them great cities).

Out in the Desert

Images by wili_hybrid

The town of Uyuni in Bolivia is a tourist gateway to the world’s largest salt flats.  Known as Salar de Uyuni, the salt flats stretch for 10,582 square kilometers near the crest of the Andes mountains.  The town hosts around 60,000 tourists per year – a more lucrative industry than the railway turned out to be for the British engineers who built it during the nineteenth century.  Predominantly used by mining companies, Uyuni has been home to a spectacular train graveyard since the 1940s, when mining collapsed in the region, taking the railway with it.

Enhanced Reality

Images by extranoise

The photographer above, who goes by the name “extranoise”, calls his HDR photographs Enhanced Reality, for good reason.  The HDR touches have bestowed an unarguably evocative quality upon these buildings in Paris, Potsdam and Berlin.  But the icing on the cake has to be the blue spiral staircase, with the ice blue of the metal contrasting brilliantly with the grey walls around it.  See more from this photographer here.

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