Abandoned Cincinnati Subway

Image by stopthegears

Image by stopthegears

Abandoned tunnels are enough to spur the imagination of most urban explorers.  The subterranean world beneath some city streets is a labyrinth of deserted subways and abandoned stations.  Cincinnati not only hides America’s largest abandoned subway, but one that was also doomed before the completion of the project could ever be realised.

Images by Cincinnati-Transit.net

Images by Cincinnati-Transit.net

These incredible images show the extent of the hidden world beneath the streets of Cincinnati.  During the early half of the twentieth century, three underground stations were built along a single line that would never ultimately exist.  Halted by two World Wars and the Great Depression, the infrastructure has remained eerily silent since the tunnel entrances were locked more than 80 years ago.  For more information about the Cincinnati Subway, check out this great article from Planet Oddity.

(All images courtesy of Cincinnati-Transit.net)

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